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    Goldenpup Terms and Conditions

    These terms and conditions are a contract between Jacqueline A. Blachowski, Goldenpup Pet Taxi Service and any person who uses the pet taxi and any of the pet services offered by Goldenpup. By making a booking with Goldenpup for the services over the phone, using Goldenpup website, by email or verbally with a staff member of Goldenpup or by any other notification, you confirm acceptance of all of the terms and conditions of these terms.


    • Use of services. In consideration for your use of the service, you (user) agrees to pay for the services in accordance with these terms.
    • Pets. You must inform Goldenpup prior to the date of service if the pet has aggressive tendencies or a tendency to run away.
    • Pets Continued. applies to providing a muzzle, leash or any other equipment to restrain your pet, and ensure that your pet has had an adequate time to relieve itself prior to the pick up and drop off. Your pet must have been vaccinated prior to the time of pick up.
    • Right of Refusal. Goldenpup reserves the right to refuse to provide service to your pet for any reason in Goldenpups reasonable discretion. If Goldenpup exercises this right on arrival you still will be required to pay Goldenpup the full fee for the service.
    • Property. When Goldenpup provides you with any service you ensure that all parts of your property pertaining to the pick up and drop off of your pet be accessed by Bark and Ride will be safe.
    • Risk. While Goldenpup will do its utmost to ensure that your pet is handled safely, you are accepting that you are using the service at your own risk. You accept that under these terms, you will be legally liable for any damage or loss caused by your pet. Goldenpup is not liable for any incident that occurs in respect of your pet to and from its destination and at said location.
    • Vet Services. It is owners responsibility to make financial arrangements with the provider of service, (Vet, groomer, daycare, kennel ect). Goldenpup will not provide payment for any service.


    • Fees. Goldenpup must receive payment in full at the time the pet is delivered back to the owner immediately after appointment is complete.
    • Bookings. To use the Goldenpup a consultation is required prior to setting up the actual transport of the Pet to his or hers appointment
    • Cancellation. If you wish to cancel a reservation, you must provide Goldenpup with a minimum of 24 hours notice.


    • Pet owner will be required to complete an owners agreement at the time consultation.

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